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Safety measures for Dune Buggy Ride Dubai

Date: 15-03-2020 By:
Safety measures for Dune Buggy Ride Dubai

Experience the wonders of the Desert buggy ride with great deals and options to avail on trip.

Dune buggy is one of the thrilling vehicles to drive around the Dubai deserts. Every tourist love to get into adventurous activities and wish to give it a shot in a single look. The buggy ride will raise your excitement to the next level. For all adventurous individual, this trip will bring you zealous experience. But there are some safety measures that should be taken and tips to be followed when you are hitting Dubai Sand dunes. At dune buggy rentals, we have so many safety hitches and equipment’s but you will find the sand at your hair, shoes, cloth and face when you are on the ride. So it’s better to be prepared before getting on the ride.

Dune buggy rentals Dubai gives its buggy rider’s special safety tips and suggests safety measures to be taken while riding a dune buggy in sand bank. Give it a read before getting your feet in a buggy.


Dubai is surrounded with desert and is mostly scorching; you are advised to stay hydrated. If it’s too sunny don’t take your hands off the ride in order to avoid injuries.

Try to stay under the shadow and wear helmet while you are on the ride.

It is advisable to avoid a dune buggy ride in the blistering sun rather go for it in the afternoon or before its evening.

Try to stay far from the other buggies. It is not as simple as driving a road vehicle and surely it is not like driving an SUV.

Before you plan for going on a dune buggy ride, you need to check the weather updates,in advance.

Plan your dune buggy trip cautiously, to avoid sun stroke especially in summer.

Take enough drinks and snacks with you when you are in the desert as suggested by our team.


Dune buggy is an open vehicle so safety tips should be followed.Before beginning your rideconsider to read a few other points to avoid any mishap.

  • Make right choice of outfits to wear 

This is the most significant aspect for everyone to think about before starting to ride in sand dune buggy. You need to wear something that is comfy inside as you are here to enjoy the most hilarious yet adventurous ride. Simultaneously, you need to make sure that the clothes offer you ultimate protection from dust. 

  • Check outside temperature

It is advisable to select clothes and other protective gears by depending on the temperature around you. The selection of right protective gear is important to avoid getting hurt if the temperature is hot or cold. So you must study about the temperature of the place in advance while selecting the dune buggy tour Dubai. 

  • Take all defensive gears 

Sand buggies run at high speed and sometimes reach up to 80 to 100 miles per hour. You might fall from your buggy and get hurt during the ride. So make sure that you are wearing all protecting gears together with hand gloves and knee caps. A wrist band will be useful along with protective helmet for your head.

This is all about ensuring that you should not get hurt when exploring the sand dunes and be able to make the most of this thrilling ride. Experience the exceptional activities that will let you explore the desert landscape of Dubai. You will nowhere feel the breath-taking pleasure that you get in the vicinity of royal Arabian Desert while riding in a buggy at Dune buggy rentals Dubai.

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