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2 days buggy safari tour

Hi-Life Dubai

Dubai with all its beauty, power, history and grounded humility attracts a large crowd every year. The ultra-modern city is grounded to its roots even after becoming one of the most urbanized cities of the world. A city that has some of the biggest skyscrapers in the world and almost 20% of the world cranes involved in making new ones, still devotes the largest part of its land to the wildlife reserve. This city offers a tempting feast for travelers. Whether it is Jumeirah beach or the world’s best private resorts, Dubai never makes any mistake to let you feel at home. This city also offers a most talked buggy safari trip to adventure seekers. Experience a thrilling 4X4 ride on this 2 day safari tour. Get the chance to visit an oasis and a camel farm in the Arabian Desert earlier than a supernatural sunset. It’s an exceptional opportunity to test your limits.

A Breathtaking 2 days Dune Buggy ride

This 2 days dune buggy ride provides a fascinating experience with country's topmost attraction. Experience Dubai and drive across the Arabian Desert in a 4WD vehicle through the red Arabian Desert. Explore the desert topographies of Dubai on a crucial desert safari with the ecstasies of a quad bike ride along with camel caravan ride and enjoy the elite Camp. You will get the opportunity to revel in an incredible session of dune bashing at the Red Dunes. At the mid of the day, make time to slide down the dunes and try out the sand-boarding to make the most of your day. Witness the most enchanting desert dusk and remember to relish the luscious buffet dinner.

Live up the Ancient Arab

This trip is ideal for culture connoisseurs. The buggy desert safari features a heart-throb dune buggy journey, a camel ride, phenomenal cultural performances that includes belly dancing, a photo shoot in Arabic costume, along with a BBQ buffet dinner. Get acquainted with Arabian culture at a desert camp enthused by a Bedouin village. Take pleasure in the desert sands and dirt trail on a wonderful buggy safari ride in the dunes like a Bedouin of the past. Enjoy the sunset, sand-boarding, camel ride and a lot more. When the Evening cool breeze arrives in desert safari, you will have an attention-grabbing live dance shows, and BBQ dinner in Dubai. Get your hands painted with henna tattoo and watch live belly dancing, tanoura, and bonfire. A conventional welcome, look out to serve the guests with Arabic coffee, tea and dates while the charcoal fires in the traditional oven are lit to prepare evening dinner. Enjoy the wonderful buffet dinner with a large variety of barbecue meats, main-course, salads and desserts. enjoy the camp entertainment and sit back to watch a traditional Egyptian folk dance known as El Tanoura. Before arriving to Dubai, try a little smoke of shisha around the campfire.

This is the ultimate Ride To create Memories That Will Last A Lifetime. Explore extremely stunning Terrain In A Powerful 4x4 Buggy. The buggies are equipped with four-wheel and high-powered automatic gearboxes that guarantee you a marathon ride through the spectacular dune landscapes. Enjoy with a friend or other half for a ride in 2-seated automobiles and split the trip to make extraordinary memories. With the ever increasing human desire for extreme adventure becoming more and more famous each day, you can have exclusive tour package that will help you discover your adventurous side to a wider extent. The expert tour guide is there to give you a free pick up and drop off to your hotel also fulfilling all safety measures through out the trip.